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Gin and Tonic is the staple of any decent liquor shelf. A proper G&T on a hot day is, let’s be honest, perfection.

G&T has certainly sparked a wave of craft gins, gin cocktails and gin bars both internationally and on South African soil, however, this is one trend that is destined to stay.

Gin is not only enjoyable, but also a proper legend. With reason.

Its origin story goes as far back as the 11th century when Italian monks started experimenting with crudely distilled spirits and juniper berries. But it was the Dutch physician, Dr. Sylvius de Bouve, who invented gin in the 16th Century – originally as a medicine used to improve circulation.

Gin’s legend status increased when the British exported gin to India in the 1800’s. Early immigrants struggled with a tropical climate, scurvy and malaria. However, they soon discovered that quinine rich tonic water – combined with gin and lemon – proved to be an effective cure. And so, the Gin and Tonic was born.

Our ready-to-drink cooler, Ginnic, is based on this special tradition of the perfect Gin and Tonic mix. Made with all-natural ingredients carefully blended to maximise quality, Ginnic promises not just a crisp and fresh balance, but consistent quality every time a bottle is poured. Add a colourful garnish with a dash of lemon zest…and you’re beholden to liquid bliss.

Cheers to the Gin legend!

GINNIC Variants

GINNIC Original

Uncompromising and distinctly refreshing, Ginnic is the classic gin & tonic re-imagined. A reassuringly civilised blend of the finest ingredients and botanical infusions for a bracingly crisp traditional taste.

All Natural Ingredients

With a combination of fresh citrus, lime and grapefruit zest and a whole lemon grass, our original GINNIC promises to be a wonderful thirst quencher

light & refreshing

Light and refreshing, ready for any occasion every time

ABV: 4.5%
Energy: 172 kJ / 100 ml


Uncompromising and distinctively different. Ginnic Rose is the classic G&T with a hint of Rose.  Masterfully blended from fresh fruits to deliver the precise amount of flavour and colour, Ginnic Rose promise to bring out the romantic in you.

Ginnic Rose

All Natural Ingredients

With a combination of refreshing lemon and rose water, our GINNIC Rose promises to be a wonderful thirst quencher, with a gentle taste.

light & refreshing

Light, rosy and refreshing, ready for any occasion every time.

ABV: 4.5%
Energy: 131 kJ / 100 ml

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